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Matters needing attention when using induction heating furnace,quenching and tempering equipment

Induction heating furnace, induction quenching equipment and Induction hardening and tempering equipment are induction heating equipment that we need to pay attention to in the process of use. Of course, we need to learn what should be paid attention to in the use of induction heating furnace and quenching and tempering equipment, so as to make our operation safer, more reliable and more feasible. Next, Xiaobian of FOREVER electromechanical induction heating equipment factory, let’s share relevant contents with you.


Induction heating furnace and quenching and tempering equipment are divided according to the frequency of the equipment. It is pointed out that when divided according to the high and low frequency, the medium frequency induction heating furnace refers to the frequency band from 100kHz to 8000khz, which is divided according to its position and function in the circuit: the medium frequency induction heating equipment is a signal obtained by frequency conversion of the signal sent by the working frequency.

FOREVER induction heating furnace, forging diathermy equipment, quenching and tempering furnace and induction quenching equipment all adopt series resonance, that is, voltage type resonance frequency tracking. Therefore, the efficiency is high and the power factor is high. The electric rod has an obvious heating effect of 350 degrees per ton. The energy-saving effect is quite obvious, and the power can be matched according to the actual needs of users, with high production efficiency.


Precautions for use of induction heating furnace, quenching and tempering equipment:

1. The cooling water system of induction heating equipment shall be equipped with water separator and return tank to ensure the normal water supply and return of the equipment.

2. The inlet and outlet of the water separator shall be equipped with valves, pressure gauges, etc. The number and diameter of water outlet pipes of water separator are determined by the inlet and outlet of induction heating equipment, inductor, output transformer, etc. The water distributor shall be equipped with a drain pipe to regulate the water pressure.

3. The outlet pipe diameter of the return water tank of induction heating equipment shall be larger to ensure the dredging of the return water.

4. The outlet water of quenching and tempering furnace, induction heating furnace and induction quenching equipment should be directly observed. In order to prevent dust, transparent plexiglass protective cover can be used.

5. It is better not to use a unified cooling water tank for the power supply and coil cooling of induction heating equipment. The power supply requirements are relatively high. Improper use will seriously block the internal part of the power supply and affect the service life.

6. When the induction heating equipment changes different workpieces, it shall reprogram or call up the existing program to facilitate the normal operation of the induction quenching equipment.

I hope you can understand the precautions in the use of induction heating furnace, induction quenching equipment and quenching and tempering furnace through the introduction of the above aspects. If you have any problems you don’t understand during use, you can call FOREVER electromechanical technicians at any time to provide you with detailed solutions free of charge.


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