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Manufacturer of steel tube medium frequency heating furnace

High efficiency and energy-saving steel tube medium frequency induction heat furnace manufacturer , Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is selected, with complete brands. The products are sold to many countries and regions, and are trusted by the majority of users. The wholesale price of steel tube heating furnace manufacturers is welcome to consult!

Steel-pipe-heat-treatment-equipmentHigh efficiency and energy-saving steel pipe medium frequency heating furnace is full of strength:

1. The control of IGBT induction heating power supply with air cooling and energy saving can save more than 30% energy than other equipment, and the production efficiency is relatively high.

2. Online continuous heating, high degree of automation. Only one person can operate a complete set of steel pipe intermediate frequency heating furnace production.

3. The heating adopts electromagnetic induction heating, the efficiency is 2-3 times higher than that of resistance furnace, and the power consumption per ton of steel pipe after treatment is less than or equal to 500 degrees, far lower than that of resistance heating.

4. After treatment, the microstructure is finer, the mechanical strength is 10; 15% higher than that of resistance furnace treatment, and the product consistency is good.

5. Human machine interface PLC automatic control program; one key start; simple operation.

6. The complete set of medium frequency induction heating equipment is equipped with computer control system, which can continuously monitor power parameters, mechanical parameters, quenching and tempering heat treatment parameters, fault alarm, and automatically record to realize parameter plasticity.

YUANTUO mechanical and electrical manufacturer is a professional steel pipe intermediate frequency heating furnace provider, providing you with a reasonable quotation

YUANTUO Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale induction heating equipment manufacturer in Hebei Province. It has been standing in the industry for many years and accumulated rich production technology and experience. It has a good reputation in the market. It keeps developing and innovating technology. It keeps pace with the times. The performance and function of the steel tube medium frequency heating furnace are also improving and improving to meet your production needs. The production process is strict and the factory medium frequency induction heating furnace has strict production process The furnace  can only be delivered to the user through layers of checks, with reliable quality.

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