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Manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment

The market development prospect of metal processing is in full swing, attracting the eyes of numerous investment friends. How to choose the  Medium frequency heating equipment is the key to each enterprise’s concern. Scientific and correct selection of metal heating equipment can not only help the investment enterprise to save costs, but also can produce high-quality metal heating equipment more efficiently and green, which will bring greater profit value. Next, how to choose if induction heating equipment?


1、 Introduction of medium frequency induction heating equipment

Medium frequency induction heating equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment that uses electromagnetic principle to heat. The heat is generated directly from the inside of the metal workpiece through induction coil. The thermal efficiency is up to about 95%. In the process of processing, the heat loss is small, the thermal efficiency is high, and the production is energy-saving and reliable. The whole set of equipment adopts the mechanical electrical integrated structure design, with compact and reasonable overall structure, stable and reliable performance, and production quality The heating temperature is uniform, the heating speed is fast, the heating time is short, and the processing quality is reliable.

2、 Key points for selection of medium frequency induction heating equipment

The selection of medium frequency induction heating equipment is not blind, but fully combined with the material, shape, size and other parameters of metal workpiece, as well as the requirements of processing production output, quality and quality, to specifically select their own medium frequency induction heating equipment. In the selection of a complete set of induction heating furnace, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the performance, principle and use of each equipment, and select carefully.

3、 Manufacturer’s recommendation of medium frequency induction heating equipment

There are numerous medium frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers in the domestic market, which make customers dazzled when purchasing equipment and have no choice. In this case, Xiaobian introduces Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd., which has a good reputation for you. This is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment with many years of production experience. It is a well-known induction heating equipment enterprise in northern China. It produces a complete set of medium frequency induction heating equipment with complete specifications and excellent performance. In addition, there are technical experts who conduct field survey on customers, and scientifically allocate them in combination with customers’ metal and steel materials, production requirements, capital situation, etc Equipped with medium frequency induction heating equipment , and designed ideal production line process, to create more profits for investors, very trustworthy and looking forward to!

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