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Manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment

At present, medium frequency heat treatment equipment is an indispensable metal heating equipment in heat treatment production. It uses electromagnetic principle to heat treatment of metal workpiece. Heat is directly generated from the metal workpiece through induction coil. The thermal efficiency is about 95%. It has high heating speed and short heating time It will produce oxide skin, burning loss, decarburization and other phenomena, and the processing quality is excellent.


The reason why we recommend  Medium frequency heating equipment among many metal heat treatment furnace equipment is that the technology and performance of this equipment can better meet the production needs of users. Moreover, this equipment is a relatively excellent one in many aspects, such as design, technology, process and production capacity.

In addition to excellent technology and process, the structure of the whole machine is very reasonable and compact, and the materials of the whole set of equipment are also very high quality. The fuselage is welded from the steel of famous steel plate manufacturers, and after heat treatment and processing, its strength, hardness, wear resistance and other properties are effectively improved. The components and parts are made of Siemens, Schneider and other brands, and the production quality of the equipment is high. And if induction heating equipment is equipped with closed-loop temperature control system to monitor the heating temperature of metal workpiece in real time. The system can automatically adjust the power supply to ensure that the heating temperature of workpiece is always within the target temperature range.


Which medium frequency induction heating equipment is superior in quality and affordable in price

If you want to say which medium frequency induction heating equipment factory is superior in quality and affordable in price, you really need to understand the situation of users in the industry. In terms of industry reputation, equipment quality and other aspects, the medium frequency induction heating equipment factory must be YUANTUO Electromechanical. Why do you say that? Because YUANTUO has many years of experience in processing and production, many types and specifications of equipment, strong production strength, perfect and timely after-sales service, and the important thing is that the equipment is the direct ex factory price. Compared with other manufacturers, the price of homogeneous equipment is very economic and affordable, which is widely recognized by users in the industry, and the reputation in the industry is very good. For more equipment information and special offer.


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