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Manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., a potential manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment in the market, has many years of production experience in medium frequency induction heating equipment, forging and diathermy equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, and can customize the medium frequency induction heating equipment suitable for you according to your process requirements.


It is not easy for enterprises in every industry to develop, but in such a big environment, opportunities exist all the time. It’s not easy to find a powerful manufacturer in the current society. The market competition is so fierce. To survive in this market full of competition, we need not only quality, quality and service, but also solid technical support. Today, we mainly talk about the technical support. YUANTUO electromechanical has developed a new type of air-cooled energy-saving induction heating power supply in the induction heating equipment technology. When we just launched this induction heating power supply, it was welcomed by our customers because of its low power

consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, the prospect of investment in induction heating equipment is very good

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Air cooling energy-saving induction heating power supply compound parallel resonance design, chopper power regulation, high stability of space parallel resonance, high adaptability and series resonance, high power factor, energy saving advantages. The air-cooled induction heating power supply of YUANTUO electromechanical adopts the advanced technology of Europe and America, and the induction heating device is developed based on the user’s requirements of high reliability, high safety and low failure rate. The overall structure standard of induction heating furnace and induction heating equipment adopts European style, with single side open door, saving equipment space and facilitating standardization. Single main board integrated control, induction heating equipment with dust-proof, seismic, durability and long-term reliability, quality assurance.

T2 copper bar is used in the cabinet of air-cooled induction heating power supply, which is sandblasted, passivated, low leakage, anti-oxidation and effectively reduces the line loss. And it has a comprehensive protection system, with automatic pressure limiting, current limiting, over-voltage, over-current, over heating, over burning, door switch, insufficient water pressure and pipeline water blocking and other protection alarm systems, as well as three-phase incoming line fault phase, lack of phase protection, incoming line voltage too high, too low household protection, with heating equipment interlock protection, etc. Advanced frequency tracking technology ensures long-term operation of the power supply under high power conditions, and has high startup success rate. The unique electric furnace design makes it very wide adaptability for various loads and simplification. It has digital display of voltage meter, ammeter, frequency meter, and the display is clear at a glance. Real time equipment status monitoring and fault diagnosis detection system can display the working status and fault phenomenon in time.

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., a potential manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment in the market, has its own R & D base and production base. According to the investment intention of users and the performance of medium frequency induction heating equipment, we will build a suitable steel rod heating furnace, steel tube heating equipment < / a >, steel tube heat treatment equipment, steel rod heat treatment furnace, steel tube quenching heat treatment production line, etc.


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