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Manufacturer of drill pipe induction heat treatment production line

YUANTUO electric induction furnace manufacturer specializes in the production of drill pipe heat treatment production line, According to your process requirements, we can customize the drill pipe heat treatment production line manufacturers with high cost performance, such as steel bar heating furnace, steel tube heating furnace,Billet heating furnace , aluminum bar heating furnace, screw steel heat treatment equipment and many other medium frequency heat treatment equipment , induction heat treatment equipment, telephone consultation with professional engineers to provide the quotation scheme of drill pipe heat treatment production line manufacturers for free


Features of drill pipe heat treatment production line: the whole structure is firm, and the turning cylinder, pneumatic components, transmission mechanism and pressing mechanism are all fixed on the feeding frame. The control cabinet can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, adopting relay circuit control mode or PLC + touch screen control mode. Realize the functions of automatic turning over, frequency control, automatic feeding, automatic heating, automatic unloading, temperature detection, automatic adjustment of power supply and parameter storage. High strength bed design, transmission mechanism with high precision, high stability; IGBT medium frequency power supply intervention, to ensure product quality consistency.

The advantages of further developing the drill pipe heat treatment production line are as follows:

1. Air cooled IGBT energy-saving induction heating power control, high production efficiency, low power consumption.

2. In the transmission design of the drill pipe heat treatment production line designed by YUANTUO, the V-shaped roll arranged obliquely is used to reduce the run out in the small diameter direction.

3. High heating speed, less surface oxidation, quenching in the process of rotary heating, good straightness and no bending of steel after quenching and tempering.

4. After the drill pipe heat treatment equipment < / a > heat treatment, the workpiece has high consistency of hardness, uniformity of microstructure, high toughness and impact strength.

5. PLC touch screen control system can record and save all process parameters of induction hardening of workpieces, which is convenient for you to view the history in the future.

YUANTUO mechanical and electrical manufacturers produce various types of drill pipe free heat treatment production lines, with complete models and preferential direct selling prices. If you want to invest in drill pipe heat treatment production lines, you can click free online consultation to get more equipment details and quotation of medium frequency induction heating furnace. Welcome to come for consultation. YUANTUO mechanical and electrical professionals will serve you wholeheartedly

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