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Maintenance of Intermediate Frequency Induction heating equipment

medium frequency heat treatment equipment maintenance, pay attention to these eight key points, your induction heating equipment will be used for a long time, the maintenance rate is low, for your production to create considerable value, please look at the eight key points of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment repair provided by the professional engineer of Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Medium frequency induction heating equipment maintenance, pay attention to these eight key points!

1, TO achieve a week or half month shutdown to check all the performance of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, in order to timely understand the situation of induction heating furnace.

2. In order to make the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment work better, it is necessary to: (1) observe the temperature of thyristor and resistance-capacitance protection resistance and the working temperature of voltage-sharing resistance with multimeter. (2) check the screws of induction heating equipment for loosening every day. (3) before starting every day, it is necessary to confirm the start-up of the power supply and whether the sound is abnormal at startup. (4) keep the water and electricity cables of the medium frequency induction heating furnace clean and free of iron chips and metal objects.

3. Before running the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment, it is necessary to observe whether there is damage or not, so as not to affect the production.

4. If the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment detects the abnormal temperature of thyristor, it should immediately check the cause to see if the water pipe is broken up to cause insufficient water flow and heat, or if there is dirt blockage in the thyristor sleeve.

5. If it is found that the resistance temperature of rectifier resistance and capacitance protection is obviously different from that of other resistance, the reason should be checked immediately whether the capacitance is open or the resistance has been damaged, and so on. Generally, the reactor will obviously have a buzzing feeling of jitter when it is turned on.

6. When checking and maintaining every week or every half month, pay attention to: (1) the line slot above the inverter resistance and capacitance protection does not drop to prevent the short circuit without inductance resistance from burning the KK tube. If you find anything, you can tie it with a tie immediately. (2) the screws and water cards of the equipment need to be fastened once a week to avoid damage to the equipment caused by falling or loosening. (3) observe whether the hydraulic oil is not enough once a week, generally at least 80% of the oil. (4) look at the local water quality comparison of some manufacturers, please do a good job of intermediate frequency power supply cabinet water distributor with rotting nozzle phenomenon, if serious, please do a good set of water distributor so as to replace with the timely whole, it is strictly forbidden to remove one nozzle and weld on the machine. (4) if it is serious, please make a set of water distributor so that it can be replaced with the whole one in time, and it is strictly forbidden to remove one nozzle and weld it on the machine. This will seriously affect the progress of production and cause unnecessary loss of time. Generally replace the moisture dispenser once every 3 months for the open waterway system. If the full closed system, strive for semi-annual replacement.

7. Cleaning with the sleeve usually uses 20% dilute hydrochloric acid to cycle in the pipe sleeve for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. After washing, 100% water must be used once and dried with compressed air to avoid hydrochloric acid decay.

8. Key points of hydraulic maintenance: the cleanliness and quantity of oil should be paid attention to in the use of hydraulic oil. Generally need to replace hydraulic oil once a year, once a month to clean the filter. Note that there are two filters in the hydraulic station. Don’t let it work at the bottom of the hydraulic station. Be sure to put on the shelf in the hydraulic station so that the iron chips in the hydraulic station will not enter the hydraulic pump and damage the pump.


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