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Main features of induction hardening and tempering equipment

Main features of induction hardening and tempering equipment

Yuantuo is specializes in designing and manufacturing induction hardening and tempering equipment for more than 14 years, which are widely used for quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing and so on.

Yuantuo induction hardening and tempering equipment main feature:

1. Adopt Germany Siemens IGBT power tube and unique inverter technology.

2. Can adjust the heating power and time of induction hardening and tempering equipment, help to improve the quality of heating and heating repeatability,which can simplify the worker’s operation.

3. Induction hardening and tempering equipment is easy to install, and it can be connected to three-phase 380V power supply, inlet and outlet water pipe, Then it’s OK..

4. Compared with the electronic-tube high-frequency induction heating equipment with the same power, the IGBT high-frequency volume is reduced by 1/2 and the weight is reduced by 2/3. Water saving 40%, energy saving 30% – 40%, occupying a very small area, simple operation, a few minutes to learn.

5.The heating efficiency can be up to 90% or more, saving power 30-40% than high frequency, almost no electricity if machine is shutdown. And it can be used continuously for 24 hours.

6.Induction hardening and tempering equipment induction coils can be freely removable and easy to replace. Ultra-fast heating speed greatly reduces the oxidative deformation of the workpiece.

7. Replace gas and other dangerous gas heating without fire production, which can meet with national fire safety regulations.

8.100% duty cycle can be carried out in a heating state with a maximum power of 24 hours.

9.Having constant power and constant current control functions, the most efficient and rapid heating, optimization of the heating process of metal parts.

10. Yuantuo induction hardening and tempering equipment can be customized made as per user’s requirement. Such as we can set device on the power supply cabinet to record and display the power consumption per hour or per shift.

11.For some main components, we will use Siemens and Schneider brand, such as air switch, circuit breaker,Siemens PLC control system and touch screen.

Yuantuo induction heat treatment equipment is suitable for hardening and tempering for bars, pipes, plate, slab and so on.Welcome to send us inquiry.


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