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Low carbon and high efficiency induction heating equipment is more popular in the market!

Induction heating equipment is a common metal Heat treatment furnace in heat treatment plant at present. It can well realize the heat treatment of metal steel rod, improve its mechanical properties, use operation and economic value. Induction heating equipment combines a variety of advantages, heat treatment equipment market on the new bright spot.

The performance characteristics of induction heating equipment: the induction heating equipment is an advanced design concept adopted by the R & D team, which fully absorbs the advantages of similar products in the market and makes bold innovation and improvement. The structure and performance of induction heating equipment are strengthened, reliable, efficient and adaptable, which is the crystallization of “made in China 2025″. The main results are as follows:

1. The feed of the remote electromechanical metal heat treatment furnace is made of stainless steel 304 roller with high wear resistance and automatic rotating feeding. The heating temperature is uniform, the processing quality is good, and the quality is reliable.

2. Different from the traditional metal heating equipment, the medium frequency furnace has high selectivity in heating, which can heat-treat the metal steel bars as a whole or locally, and the energy consumption of the local heat treatment is lower and the deformation of the metal steel rod is smaller than that of the conventional heat-treatment equipment.

3, the induction heating equipment is equipped with a closed-loop temperature control system, in the process of machining, the system automatically adjusts the power of the power supply, so that the heating temperature of the metal steel rod is kept within the set temperature range, and the machining quality is guaranteed.

4, the steel bar heat treatment furnace adopts mechatronics structure design, can greatly simplify the installation step, for the user brings more convenience.

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Post time: 04-15-2019