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Long shaft Induction hardening and tempering equipment specially designed for heat treatment of long shaft heat treatment

Long shaft Induction hardening and tempering equipment specially designed for heat treatment of long shaft heat treatment

Since the first induction heating furnace was introduced by Forever in 1998, from the initial rough practical induction heating coil to the advanced streamlined aesthetic design of the furnace body, to the non-standard professional configuration model, induction heating furnace is always in accordance with market trends and customer needs, constantly seeking improvement to meet your production needs. In the field of induction furnace production, it has become a large number of domestic and foreign customers of high quality choice, these products have also become a famous brand of Forever.

Among them, the long shaft Induction hardening and tempering equipment has been the best-selling classic model in the past 20 years, under the premise of less investment by customers, so that the quenching and tempering heat treatment can realize automatic intelligent production. It can achieve annual output of 10000+ tons (annual working hours 14h * 300 days).

The long shaft Induction hardening and tempering equipment is composed of feeding mechanism, conveying roller, quenching induction heating furnace, water quenching cooling system, tempering induction heating furnace, water circulation system, PLC remote intelligent control system and IGBT induction power supply.

The storage platform is welded by profiled steel with effective length of 12.0 m, width of 3.0 m and inclination angle of 7-10 degrees on the top surface. The roller rack is made of steel plate and section steel, and the bottom is fixed with anchor bolts. The conveyor roll of the production line is driven by a special motor with variable frequency speed regulation. The speed of the motor is regulated by a frequency converter so as to meet the requirements of different technology of long shaft materials.

The induction heating furnace is composed of copper coil, insulation material, stainless steel cooling pipe and copper plate covering the inlet, etc. The copper pipe is winded by T2 oxygen-free copper, which has the advantages of high strength, high temperature resistance and longer service life. The inlet and outlet end of induction heating furnace is encapsulated with 5mm copper plate, which greatly reduces magnetic leakage, prolongs service life and acts as heat insulation.  Each of the two induction coils is equipped with a water-cooling roller, and each roller is equipped with a variable-frequency motor. The long shaft is heated and transferred to the quenching sprinkler tank. The quenching sprinkler tank is made of stainless steel. It is installed at the discharge end of the induction heating furnace.

PLC touch screen remote control console is equipped with the whole set of machine to provide remote control. The operator can just stand remote station to control the whole system. Once there is any parameter wrong, the alarm will ring.

On the spot of round bar heat treatment equipment cases in more than 20 countries and regions at home and abroad, the long bar induction hardening and tempering equipment is working very well due to its advanced design, high automation and stable performance.


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