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long bar heat treatment line China supplier

Long bar heat treatment line China supplier

In order to meet production requirements to achieve intelligent and energy-saving for the workshop, our domestic customer Xuzhou place an order with us about long bar heat treatment line.

The long bar heat treatment line is used for quenching ø18-32mm long bar with 6meters length.

The working process of long bar heat treatment line: manual feeding– automatic turning–feeding—heating–water spraying–material receiving. In addition to manual feeding, other processes are automatically performed by the PLC and documented throughout the manufacturing process.

Having more than ten years marketing service experience, Forever launched a life-long technical service project to provide users with life-long, free and continuous personnel training programs. We will give training from the selection of equipment, energy-saving, maintenance and troubleshooting, so that customers can be free to buy our long bar heat treatment line.

The core components of long bar heat treatment line will select famous brand suppliers and establish strict supplier access mechanism. Before every induction heat treatment furnace of our company is sent to our users, we will test in our plant while inviting our users to come to the plant. If there is any problem with the equipment, we will improve it until the user is satisfied.


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