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Long axis (tube) induction heat treatment equipment

Long axis (tube) induction heat treatment equipment 

Long axis (tube) induction heat treatment equipment is more suitable for the larger shaft surface quenching and tempering heat treatment like ø30-500mm diamter. According to customer requirements, the hardened layer depth can be controlled within the required range. This equipment is generally composed of storage rack, feeding rack, medium frequency heating furnace body, sprinkler ring, tempering heating, discharging rack and receiving rack. In addition, according to customer needs, we can equip PLC programming controller to achieve the whole process automatic control for heating, quenching and tempering.

Long shaft induction heat treatment equipment features:

1.Can heat larger diameter workpiece, high efficiency with stable quality.

2.As it is heated while spraying water, the overall deformation of the shaft is minimal

3. The depth of the heating layer can be adjustable as our power supply can ajudst the output power and frequency.

4. PLC controller can achieve mass production to ensure hardness and the stability of the hardened layer.

Induction heat treatment equipment features are as follows:

    1.Fast heating speed, less oxidation.Due to the principle of induction heating is electromagnetic induction, the heat generated in the workpiece itself. Due to the rapid heating rate of the heating method, there is very little oxidation, high heating efficiency and good process repeatability.

    2.Uniform heating, medium frequency furnace has high temperature control accuracy. We can select reasonable working frequency to adjust suitable diathermy depth to get the purpose of uniform heating and small temperature difference from the surface to the core. Temperature control system can be used to achieve precise temperature control.

    3.High degree of automation, which can be fully achieved automated unmanned operation with automatic feeding and automatic discharge sorting device.

    4. Low energy consumption, pollution-free induction heating. Compared with other
heating methods, indcution heating has good features of high heating efficiency, low energy consumption and pollution-free. Under the condition of diathermy, the power consumption per tonne heated from room temperature to 1250 ℃ is less than 390 degrees.

    5.Induction heater replacement is simple, small footprint according to the different size of the workpiece. The furnaces are designed with water, electric quick change connector, so that the furnace replacement is simple, fast and convenient.

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