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Let’s have a look at the technological process of the pipe heat treatment furnace

Let’s have a look at the technological process of the pipe heat treatment furnace

The steel pipe heat treatment furnace from Forever is an important heat treatment process to improve the hardness of steel pipe. What is the production technology of steel pipe induction hardening and tempering equipment? Below is the main process flow of our pipe heat treatment furnace:

According to the customer’s production requirements, the operator can use a crane to lift the steel pipe to the storage platform, and then the equipment will automatically move forward, when each process of the line is in good condition, it can operate normally. Manually or automatically start the feeder. Under the control of the sensor, the feeding device lifts the pipe on the positioning device and rolls it to the roller at an inclined angle. The feeding and conveying roller will enter the pipeline at the set speed. The feeding roller table is driven by a single roller, and the speed and height can be adjusted. The drum type is V type. The conveying roller table has an inclination angle to ensure that the steel pipe rotates on its own in the course of transportation. The design is beneficial to uniform heating of pipes and avoid bending of pipes after quenching. The induction heater and the former conveying roller are made of austenitic stainless steel. A circulating water cooling system is installed in the feeding roller, which can not only cool the roller table, but also keep the table surface dry. Other roller tables are made of wear resistant stainless steel.

The steel pipe enters the induction heating and quenching zone, which consists of a set of 2500 KW heating power supply (induction heating zone 1 for quenching), a set of 1200 kW medium frequency power supply (induction heating zone 2 for quenching), an 800 kW (induction heating zone 3 for quenching) and a plurality of induction heating coils. The purpose of dual-frequency heating is to make the heating temperature of tube end and tube body uniform and eliminate the phenomenon of uneven temperature distribution caused by edge effect. Ensure that the heating temperature of the steel pipe is uniform, so that the internal structure of the steel is heated to high temperature austenite. When the red pipe enters the spray cooling zone, the system adopts the external spray cooling mode, and continuously injects water into the surface of the pipe. The outer spray is sprayed with high pressure ring inside the box to ensure hardenability. Considering the hardenability of thick-walled tubes, industrial salts or alkalis can be added into the water to improve the cooling performance ofqQuenchants at high temperatures.

After quenching, the pipeline will be sent to the draining platform to remove residual water in the pipe. Forever has more than 20 years of production experience in steel pipe heat treatment furnace and technology are mature and stable.


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