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Learn about the induction heating device for 3 minutes!

What is an induction heating furnace? In recent years, because of environmental protection and energy saving, the Electric induction heating furnace market has ushered in a hot period, so today the author makes a brief introduction to the induction heating equipment to help you understand this new metal heating equipment, at the same time, it is convenient to choose and purchase in the later stage.

First, the induction heating furnace, like its name, is a kind of equipment which adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to induce heating of metal work-pieces. This unique heating mode makes the induction heating equipment hot in the market, the electric energy belongs to the environmental protection energy, and the induction heating equipment will not produce pollution in the production. At the same time, the induction heating equipment is controlled by PLC system, which realizes the intelligent production and processing, and the working efficiency is higher. It is necessary for modern sand factories. At present, induction heating furnace has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, mining machinery and other industries. It is suitable for mass production of simple and large metal work-pieces with good process repeatability and high quality.

Second, the green and efficient production of induction heating furnace just said that induction heating furnace is a green and environmentally friendly metal heating equipment, because the heating energy used is electric energy, which converts electric energy into heat to heat metal workpieces, so there is no pollution such as waste gas and smoke in the production process, so it can smoothly pass the inspection of the Environmental Protection Bureau and build an environmentally friendly manufacturer. In addition, induction heating equipment also has: 1, medium frequency heating equipment volume, small area, less than the traditional metal heating equipment flame furnace 1 / 3 ≤ 2, efficient production, the use of high precision temperature control system, real-time monitoring of workpiece heating temperature, to ensure that the process requirements, good quality after production; 4, energy saving, new air-cooled medium frequency power supply, compared with the traditional power supply, energy saving about 40%.


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