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Leaf spring heating furnace

High efficiency, low power consumption leaf spring heating furnace certification this – Hebei YUANTUO Electromechanical, YUANTUO production of leaf spring heating furnace using human-computer interface PLC fully automatic intelligent control system, simple operation, one person can operate the whole set of leaf spring heating furnace production, production efficiency is quite high, if you have the need of induction heating equipment, you can consult the technical personnel in the station free of charge For leaf spring heating furnace quotation and scheme selection, to buy high-quality induction heating equipment to find regular manufacturers.


Technical parameters and characteristics of leaf spring furnace:

1. Power supply system, igbt100kw-4000kw / 200hz-8000hz intelligent Medium frequency heating equipment power supply.

2. Workpiece material: carbon steel, alloy steel, high temperature alloy steel, etc.

3. Main uses: used for steel plate, plate, slab diathermy forging forming.

4. Energy conversion: heating per ton of plate to 1150 ℃, power consumption 330 ~ 360 degrees.

5. Steel plate heating equipment according to the needs of users to provide a touch screen or industrial computer system remote console.

6. Plate heating equipment with full digital, high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can control the equipment handy.

7. The formula management function and powerful formula management system can automatically call the relevant parameters after selecting the steel type and plate type parameters to be produced, and it is no longer necessary to manually record, consult and input the parameter values required by various workpieces.

8. It has the advantages of high heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, saving material and cost.

9. The leaf spring heating furnace has the advantages of uniform heating, minimum temperature difference between core and surface, high temperature control accuracy and high degree of automation, which can realize automatic operation.

10. The stability, reliability and safety of induction heating equipment ensure the normal and stable operation of the heating production line.

11. High success rate of start, any load, any temperature, can start quickly, intelligent protection and fault diagnosis perfect.

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a direct supplier of leaf spring heating furnace. The production and sales are integrated. Users can purchase the machine at the ex factory price, and the price is more favorable. You can visit the factory at any time, or you can learn more about induction heating equipmentInduction heat treatment equipment, induction heating quenching equipment, induction heat treatment quenching and tempering furnace and heat treatment place through online consultation Manage the information of quenching and tempering equipment, purchase high quality bar material induction heating equipment, choose Hebei yuan Electromechanical.




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