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Large environmental protection intermediate frequency heating equipment is intelligent and efficient.

The price of large environmental protection Induction heat treatment equipment ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. The whole equipment adopts integrated unit design, which integrates many functions, such as feeding, transportation, heating, cooling and so on, covering the characteristics of intelligence, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and so on. Win more, and you are very good at it. Heat, summer in July, the national average temperature is above 35 ℃, in how hot summer, walking on the road is a kind of suffering, for the outdoor operators of metal heat treatment processing plants, it is a kind of pain.

seamless pipe heat treatment machine

The touch-screen operation, one-stop operation, and not affected by the heat-heat weather. Only the large-scale environment-friendly intermediate-frequency heating equipment, the intelligent operation and the remote automatic system operation equipment can control the operation and the heating effect of the equipment in real time by sitting in the operating room, so that the system can control the operation and the heating effect of the equipment in real time without manual, fearless and summer-heat, and the automatic control system of the PLC is very deep in “I”. And the remote computer terminal can control the operation condition of the induction heating device in real time, and also can pre-judge the fault, and remind the user to timely check the equipment and reduce the failure rate.


2, the comprehensive system structure is more efficient, the large-scale environment-friendly induction heating equipment has a mature heating and cooling system, the whole machine is compact in structure, The production and operation are more stable and reliable.3, the high-quality steel integral structure is more durable and the body of the intermediate-frequency heating equipment is welded by high-quality steel, and the machine body is subjected to heat treatment processing, so that the strength, the hardness, the wear resistance and the service life of the equipment are improved, and the machine body adopts the electromechanical integration structure design, the invention has the advantages of compact structure and stable operation,



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