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In order to ensure the normal use and operation of Induction heat treatment equipment  customers after purchasing the Medium frequency induction heating furnace, timely solve the faults, provide timely, convenient and considerate service to the customers of heat treatment equipment, Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Intermediate Induction Furnace Co., Ltd. opens the 24-hour service hotline for repair at the industry. Be responsible for accepting the telephone for equipment fault repair in all parts of the country. The main work includes after-sales consultation, telephone answer and dispatching and arrangement of on-site maintenance service. Since a large amount of customer information is to be processed every day and fed back to the relevant responsible person in time, the after-sales repair hotline of the feeder becomes the first window for serving the customer.

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In order to ensure that after receiving the customer report for repair, we can rush to the customer production site as soon as possible to deal with it. Yuantian Electromechanical medium Frequency Induction Furnace Factory establishes perfect after-sales service combined with many years of service experience, at the same time, it has a special accessories warehouse to provide all-weather service for the customers of the remote machinery electric heat treatment equipment factory. That is, the customers of Yuanyuan Machinery Electric Heat treatment equipment Factory are in trouble at any time, and the team of mechanical and electrical after-sale engineers can carry on the maintenance at any time.

After the on-site repair of the customer, the after-sales engineer team of Yuantuo Electromechanical Heat Treatment Equipment Factory will also carry out on-site training for the operation, maintenance and maintenance personnel on the customer site, solve the causes of the problems, how to avoid, and discuss the key points during operation and maintenance, so that the on-site personnel of the customer can.

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