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Inventory: the key to the maintenance of steel bar bar heat treatment furnace

Inventory: the key to the maintenance of steel bar bar heat treatment furnace

Maintenance is a topic of concern to everyone in the 21st century. With the improvement of living standards, many people now take some part of their time to do maintenance to ensure their health. Our daily transportation also needs to be maintained. Only in this way can we extend our service life. The same reason is used in the metal induction heat treatment equipment industry.

Maintenance of steel bar bar heat treatment furnace can not be ignored.

The steel bar bar heat treatment furnace should have a full-time operator in the daily working life, requiring the operator to understand the working principle of the power supply, become familiar with the operating procedures and master the general maintenance knowledge. During operation, we should often inspects whether there is abnormal temperature rise, abnormal noise, water-cooling system leakage, and whether each cooling water outlet is unobstructed. All kinds of instruments indicate whether they are normal or not and record them according to the regulations. Always check the voltage equalization resistance of thyristor, the connection of resistance-capacitance absorption element is intact. Regularly use oscilloscope to check the output waveform of rectifier bridge, intermediate frequency output waveform (check whether the leading angle is normal), inverter thyristor waveform (check dynamic voltage equalization). We should also pay attention to daily cleaning work. In addition, regular maintenance should be carried out every six months to a year or at the end of a project.

1. Complete internal and external cleaning, including cleaning and inspection of various solder joints, cleaning of relays, contactors, contacts and cores, replacement of circulating water, removal of water-cooling system scale, replacement of aging water pipes, etc.

2.Check the insulation and plug the capacitor leakage or replacement.

3. Determine the waveform of each thyristor (light load, rated load and rated power), and analyze whether its characteristics have changed.

4. Check the control circuit and trigger system, including the measurement of waveform at all levels, voltage measurement, phase shift check of rectifier trigger pulse and reliability check of protection action.

5.Determine the output waveform of inverter and check whether there is any big change in safety margin.

6. Calibrate instrumentation and protective relays.

7. Measure the voltage and resistance capacitance of each thyristor.

8. Tighten the connecting bolts and terminals of the conductive parts and screws fixed by the components.

In short, to eliminate the power failure of bar heat treatment furnace as soon as possible, it not only requires maintenance personnel have a strong technical level, but also requires rich experience. If you are facing any problem during operating bar heat treatment furnace with induction heating technology, welcome to contact with us.


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