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Introduction the application and operation method of intermediate frequency Induction heating furnace for you.

Introduction the application and operation method of intermediate frequency Induction heating furnace for you.

Medium frequency induction heating furnace can be used for induction heating of bar, steel bar, round steel, aluminium bar, copper bar, round bar and other metal materials with a diameter of 10-200 mm; or steel plate, stainless steel plate with a thickness of more than 5 mm before entering the forging press; heat treat,emt of steel pipe, pipe, stainless steel pipe and thick-walled steel pipe with a diameter of more than 20 mm.

Medium frequency heating line is used for rods with diameter of more than 10 mm: When the rod is heated by induction, the electromagnetic eddy current moves along the surface of the rod. The higher the frequency is, the shallower the heating depth is, the lower the frequency is, and the deeper the heating depth is. For example, if the frequency is about 50 KHZ, the heating depth of the rod is 2-3 mm, and the core of the rod needs to be added by the heat conduction of the surface. If the diameter of the bar is large, it is difficult to raise the temperature of the core of the bar, and there is a large temperature difference between the core and the surface. This problem can be solved by heating with intermediate frequency. The frequency of intermediate frequency is 1KHZ-20KHZ. Choosing the appropriate frequency according to the specification of the heating metal material can ensure the uniform heating from the surface to the center of the material.

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Characteristics of intermediate frequency induction heating furnace

1.High heating temperature and non-contact electromagnetic induction heating.
2.The heating speed is fast, and the surface of the heated material is oxidized less.
3.Temperature is easy to control, product quality is stable.
4. Induction heating furnace can partially heat metal workpieces and the products are of good quality and energy saving.
5. Easy to achieve automatic control of a labor-saving
6. The working environment is good. There is almost no heat, noise and dust.
7. The operation occupies less space and the production efficiency is higher.
8. Induction heating electric furnace can heat complex workpiece. It is easy to heat uniform workpiece with wide applicability and good product quality.

Safe operation method of intermediate frequency induction heating furnace

1. Check whether the electrical equipment, water cooling system and copper tube of inductor of medium frequency heating line are in good condition or not. Otherwise, it is forbidden to open.

2.The plant should arrange person responsible for the power transmission and start-up. After sending electricity, workers are strictly forbidden to touch sensors and cables.

3. When charging, check whether there are harmful substances such as inflammable and explosive in the charge of induction heating furnace. If there are harmful substances, remove them in time and prohibit the direct addition of cold and wet materials.

4. Intelligent induction heating power supply should be kept clean.


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