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Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment to achieve environmental protection intelligent processing!

medium frequency heat treatment equipment, electric heating mode heating, the overall structure of the equipment is compact, widely used in mining machinery, machinery manufacturing, wind power machinery, petroleum machinery, railway transportation and other fields. At present, intermediate frequency heating furnace is favored by the market, and induction heating furnace is basically found in all major heat treatment sites in China. Environmental protection intelligence is the standard that modern environmental protection metal heating equipment must do.

Hebei induction heating equipment has really realized:

1, environmental protection: the structure itself seal design, the production does not produce dust, secondly, the electric energy belongs to the environmental protection energy, does not produce the exhaust gas waste smoke and so on pollution, realizes the environmental protection processing.

2, the intelligence: PLC strict intelligent control system, can operate the equipment in the remote real time, and the medium frequency heating furnace can realize the one-button control, the remote control operation, the brand new operation technology causes the heat treatment site to save the labor and labor.

What is the price of Hebei induction heating furnace? Because the non-standard product, according to the user’s work-piece material, size, shape and process requirements, production output and other information custom production plan and quotation, different user requirements, the configuration of the final equipment is different, the quotation is different. In addition, due to the integration of induction heating furnace into environmental protection, intelligent elements, the upfront investment is certainly more than the traditional heat treatment equipment.

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