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Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment for heating round steel

How much is it to buy a set of Induction hardening and tempering equipmentfor round steel? This is the first problem that users should consider when buying round steel heating equipment. Yuantuo Electromechanical and Electrical equipment is a professional manufacturer of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment. According to your different manufacturing processes, you can customize the circular steel medium frequency induction heating equipment according to your different manufacturing technology. Please contact Yuantian Electromechanical and Electrical Professional engineer to provide you with the quotation and scheme reference of round steel inductance heating equipment free of charge.


How much is the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment for round steel? New user choice, Yuantian electromechanical to provide you with real-time quotation round steel bar heating equipment how much is a set of energy? In fact, the price of induction heating equipment given by each manufacturer is different, of course, the reason is still due to the configuration of the equipment, workmanship, the use of components, after-sale, sales methods and so on.

1, round steel heating furnace, different manufacturers because of workmanship, material selection, component manufacturer selection, their own profit value and so on, the equipment price given will also be different, such as the manufacturer’s direct sale of circular steel medium frequency induction heating equipment quotation is relatively real, more affordable.

2, the general dealer because of the need to earn steel rod medium frequency induction heating equipment intermediate price difference, so the price is relatively expensive. In addition, small manufacturers may have limited technology, materials may also cut corners, may sell round steel heating equipment prices will be cheaper, but the quality is not guaranteed.

3,All kinds of above, will cause the round steel heating furnace, the round steel rod heating equipment, the forging diathermic equipment in the price difference.


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