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Intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment, industry experience expert

Hebei Yuantuo is specialized in producing Medium frequency induction heating furnace, surface induction quenching equipment, medium frequency diathermy equipment, heat treatment equipment for quenching and tempering, and many other induction heating equipment, etc. It is a professional company in North China region engaged in research and development, manufacturing, and so on. Sales of all-solid medium frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers.

Medium frequency heat treatment equipment is widely used in heat treatment, tool welding, heat transfer molding, metal workpiece heat treatment, gear quenching, machine guide rail quenching. Railway track nail, steel tube heating forming, forging, standard parts hot pier, annealing and other heating fields. Professional focus on quality in the industry renowned, is a number of induction heating power experts, committed to provide customers with high-quality induction heating equipment, medium-frequency heat treatment equipment

We always adhere to the principle of “Technology first Service first” and strive to provide customers with the best intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment. The product has been checked and tested by the State Technical Supervision Bureau, and has established a perfect technical quality and after-sales service guarantee system. Yuantuo is a high-tech enterprise committed to environmental protection and enterprise development and environmental protection and energy-saving projects; Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical integrity enterprise, professional induction heating equipment, medium-frequency heat treatment equipment suppliers.

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Specialist of  bar heat treatment furnace in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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