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Installation conditions for billet induction heating furnace

Installation conditions for billet induction heating furnace

As induction heating technology has advantages of fast and uniform heating, energy saving and environment protection, more and more customers use billet induction heating furnace to replace their gas furnace. But before you buy the billet induction heating furnace, do you know the installation conditions for billet induction heating furnace?

 Here Forever will tell you the specific details for installation conditions for billet induction heating furnace.

Environment Condition

① The equipment should be installed indoors where there is no hard shakiness, no conductive dust, no corrosive gas, air temperature should not be above +40and the relative humidity should be under 85%.

② In the power supply room, the user should take measures to prevent bugs,rats and snakes. Also  the exhaust ventilation equipment and the fire protection are needed.   

③ In the power supply room, the power cabinet and the capacitor cabinet cover should be reliable grounding(according to the general grounding standard of low voltage equipment.Repeat grounding is allowed),Some measures should be taken to ensure the personal safety and electrical protective articles are essential.

④ When designing the cooling equipment, you must consider the condition that there is backup water source which can supply cooling water to the furnace once there is no power.

Requirement of the Cooling Water

① PH value: 7-7.5

② Resistivity: 20KΩ-cm

③ No sand or other sundries 

④ Temperature of input water:+5℃-+30℃

⑤ Hydraulic pressure of water at the entrance: 0.12-0.15Mpa

⑥ Water capacity:About 6tons/h for (Main power cabinet)

                About 6tons/h for the (Capacitor cabinet)

⑦ Each pipe of the input water should be connected with the water valves and the water manometers in order to control the hydraulic pressure.


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