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Input cost of induction heating equipment

There are many application fields of metal steel in the market. Heat treatment can improve its comprehensive mechanical properties such as strength, hardness and wear resistance to a greater extent. At present,

medium frequency heat treatment equipment is widely used in the market to put into production. If a certain production cost is put into production, how much will it cost?


The medium frequency induction heating equipment is a non-standard customized product. The whole set of equipment is processed and produced by electromagnetic principle. The heat is directly generated in the metal steel through the induction coil. This heating method has the advantages of less heat loss, high heating efficiency and fast heating speed. Therefore, the surface of metal workpiece will not produce oxide skin, burning loss and decarburization during processing, and the processing quality is good Quantity is guaranteed.


What is the cost of IF induction heating equipment

How much does it cost to buy if induction heating equipment? Because there are different manufacturers and sales methods of IF induction heating equipment, even for the same equipment, the price is also different; then, if the production capacity and configuration of IF induction heating equipment are different, the quotation given in the market is also different, and the specific cost can be selected according to the demand.


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