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Induction round bars heater

Induction round bars heater

Induction round bars heater offered can be provided by Forever in multiple power/frequency combinations o as to provide for best working match in particular processes. Our Induction round bars heater is used for large round bars or billet through heating before forging or rolling. The provided Induction round bars heater has good features of durable performance, easy operation, energy saving and lower power consumption.

Induction round bars heater outstanding characteristics

  • The heating temperature is high, and non-contact heating.
  • High heating efficiency – 30-50% energy saving than old equipment.
  • Heating speed is fast – less surface carbon oxidation during heating process.
  • Easy to control the heating temperature, the work piece is easy to heat evenly.
  • Can be local heating,suitable for complex shape work piece.
  • Simple and safe operation – the device has a variety of control and protection functions.Efficient and environmentally friendly.

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