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Induction quenching plate,plate induction quenching

Induction quenching plate,plate induction quenching

Forever is an eminent organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying a broad array of plate induction quenching equipment, which is used for plate surface and through hardening. Along with the offered induction quenching equipment, we give hundreds of hardening solution to auto parts and hand tools industries.

As a professional producer of induction quenching equipment, we can not provide you with top quality quenching induction heating furnace,but also we will provide you advanced technical support and cost effective solutions.

Forever induction quenching solutions in the following areas:

1. Induction quenching treatment of engine parts such as valves, crankshafts, camshafts, connection rods and starter rings

2. Induction quenching treatment of transmission parts, for example CV joints, tulips and axle shafts

3. Induction quenching treatment of suspension parts such as shock absorber rods, springs and suspension arms

4. Induction quenching treatment of parts for automatic and manual gear gearboxes, for example rings, selector shafts and sun gears

5. Induction quenching treatment of clutch springs and brake pads

Our quenching induction heating equipment can be used for the following material:

Carbon steels

Alloy steels

Stainless steels

Powder metal

Cast iron

Copper or brass


Videos for metal induction quenching:

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