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Induction quenching oil casing,induction hardening oil casting

Induction quenching oil casing,induction hardening oil casting

 Forever have more than 12 years experience on manufacture induction quenching oil casing machine and we export our induction quenching oil casing machine to all the worldwide market and have the best response from customers.We will offer you our best quality induction quenching oil casing machine and the after sale service.

Description for Forever induction heating equipment,induction quenching equipment

1. Used for induction quenching oil casing,oil pipe,drill rod, drill collar and so on.
2. Allow for various automobile and motorcycle fittings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, chain wheel, aluminum wheel, valve, rock arm shaft, semi drive shaft, small shaft and fork.
3. 100% start-up successful rate; power factor  is more than 95%
4. Perfect and complete protection functions for long time performance, increasing machine’s reliability & stability
5. Low operating cost, Easy operation
6. Modular design, easy maintenance and repairing


1. IGBT frequency conversion technology providing high-efficient conversion
2. Environmental protection, energy conservation, easy operation, low labor intensity
3. Heating rapidly, heating evenly, non-oxide layer and high-quality products
4. Non 10K volt power, perfect function of protection, safe and reliable.
5. 100% success rate of start-up, power factor always greater than 95%

Videos for induction hardening and tempering process

Induction quenching equipment in which latest inverting technology has been used so as to make these Induction quenching equipment very light, flexible for fixed and on side use. Accuracy is the most important advantage of Induction quenching equipment the heat supplied may be adjusted independently with respect to the fluctuations of the current supply any temperature gradients can be notified by use of the pyrometer or a temperature regulator. 

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