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Induction melting furnace as a helper in iron and steel metal smelting

Hebei Hengyuan Electric Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Wuqiao Hengyuan Mechanical and Electrical equipment Factory) specializes in the production of medium frequency induction heating equipment, intermediate frequency power supply, intermediate frequency electric furnace, forging heating furnace, stainless steel pipe annealing equipment, mechanical parts quenching equipment, slab online raising temperature heating furnace long shaft medium frequency hardening and tempering equipment, grinding rod hardening and tempering system  , Steel bar hardening and tempering equipment Machine tool guideway quenching equipment, gear shaft quenching equipment, all kinds of bar diathermy equipment and other heat treatment equipment, each set of equipment in the company is after many tests, testing machine, to ensure the stability of product quality and performance before leaving the factory. To a large extent, the interests of customers are guaranteed.

In the field of induction we are familiar with to bring valuable services to users. Medium frequency coreless induction melting furnace is introduced for melting steel, iron and non-ferrous metals. Hengyuan Electromechanical equipment Factory of Wuqiao County, Hebei Province serialized the medium frequency coreless induction melting furnace, which can provide the technical parameters of several commonly used intermediate frequency cored induction melting furnaces, including power supply, steelmaking and iron melting. It can be used as a reference for users to choose. The structure of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace with furnace capacity below 500kg is relatively simple, and there is no conductive magnet. The furnace shell is cast with aluminum alloy and is divided into two halves. The middle cushion is made of asbestos cement board and connected with bolts to form a circular aluminum shell. The induction coil is made of rectangular pure copper tube, and the brass stud is welded on the coil. The brass nut is used to connect the coil with the column. There is a certain gap between turns and turns, and air is used as inter-turn insulation. The outside of the coil is coated with moisture-proof paint. The whole induction coil is fixed to the aluminum shell through both ends of the column. The tilting of the furnace is that the motor drives the furnace body to rotate after passing through the reducer.


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