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Induction heating system

Intelligent equipment of Induction heating furnace? What do you think of when you see the growth in the crevice? I remember that when I studied history, I said that Chinese national enterprises grew up in the cracks. It is said that the electric vehicles that have occupied the market with a rapid momentum for several years are also growing in the cracks. What do you think of reading the article? Having said so much, let’s take a look at how the hero intelligent induction heating system of our induction heating industry survives and develops in the cracks!

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The difference between induction heating equipment of intelligent equipment and medium and high frequency series:

1. The frequency is between medium frequency and high frequency, which is suitable for the process of quenching layer between 1.5-3mm;

2. The intelligent induction heating system is small in size and reasonable in price, which is more acceptable to small and medium-sized enterprises;

3. Intelligent equipment induction heating system energy-saving, efficient, stable performance, is the necessary choice of enterprises.

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