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Induction heating machie,Induction heating power supply

Our company specializes in Induction heating furnace, induction heating, induction heating power supply, high frequency brazing machine, high frequency quenching furnace, and other induction heating equipment, using advanced technology and high quality parts and components, based on the principle of electromagnetic effect, A kind of inductor heating equipment that causes the metal material in the alternating magnetic field to quickly induce a large vortex, so that the metal material heats up until it melts, and the heating speed is fast.

The acquisition of old induction heating equipment, induction heating power supply and high voltage is to boost AC 380V directly by boost transformer. Its safety is poor, its volume is huge, and its power consumption is large, and its maintenance cost is high, which not only pollutes the environment. Waste of energy, slow speed, low efficiency. KGPS intermediate frequency power supply, is the most ideal environmental protection induction heating equipment.

High frequency induction heating equipment performance and characteristics:

1, heating speed: the fastest heating speed less than 1 second.

2, wide heating: can heat different materials and different types of metal (according to the shape of the workpiece to replace detachable induction ring).

3, easy to install: connect power supply, induction ring and water pipe can be used; small volume, light weight, very convenient to use.

4, the operation is simple: you can learn induction heating equipment in a few minutes.

5, start fast: after the water is electrified, the heating can be started.

6, less power consumption: compared with the old tube high frequency equipment to save about 70%, the smaller the workpiece, the smaller the power consumption.

7, the effect is good: the heating is very uniform (also by adjusting the density of the induction ring, so that each part of the workpiece can obtain the required temperature), the heating is fast, the oxide layer is less, and there is no waste after annealing.

8, the power is adjustable: the output power is adjusted without pole.

9, full protection: equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, water shortage and other alarm instructions, and automatic control and protection, induction heating equipment, induction heating power supply is so reassuring.

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