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Induction heating furnace for heat treatment steel pipe

The furnace of steel pipe heat treatment equipment price is a kind of equipment which can produce tensile strength and yield strength of metal pipe such as round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe and so on, which are rolled from steel mill, after heat-treatment equipment, reach the demand of automobile parts, transportation pipe, construction and so on.

The furnace of heat treated steel pipe, also called the heat treatment furnace of steel pipe, has the characteristics of high productivity, energy saving and environmental protection. It is a “good hand” for processing steel pipe and other pipe workpieces.

Recently, we have received a lot of users’ advice, want to buy a set of steel tube heat treatment furnace, how much will it cost? Here, we will give a detailed answer to this.

How much is the steel tube heat treatment furnace? How much does it cost to buy such a set of steel pipe heat treatment furnace? As a technology relatively ready-made equipment, it will be more expensive than traditional metal heat treatment equipment. But its price is also not fixed, from more than 100, 000 to more than a million, different configurations and models of equipment prices will vary. For different manufacturers, the production of induction heat treatment equipment technology, consumables, workmanship and so on will not be exactly the same, the choice of strong manufacturers to purchase equipment is the hard truth.


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