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Induction heating furnace-bar induction heating furnace-billet heating induction furnace anti freezing measures

Induction heating furnace-bar induction heating furnace-billet heating induction furnace anti freezing measures

As per different application, induction heating furnace can be divided into induction heating, induction quenching, medium frequency melting and high frequency brazing etc. As per the frequency, it includes power frequency, low frequency, intermediate frequency, super frequency and high frequency. No matter which field or any frequency it is applied to, there are high power devices in the system unit of the equipment. The actual heating temperature of the load is up to 2000 C. Under such a series of conditions, a series of induction heating furnace must be cooled rapidly through auxiliary cooling facilities to avoid the damage of high-power devices and loads caused by high temperature.

In the application of bar induction heating furnace or billet heating induction furnace, the external circulating water cooling is necessary. Recirculating water cooling can not only make the equipment itself get good cooling effect, but also most of the customers and friends have adopted the closed cooling tower solution. The closed cooling tower can not only reduce the area occupied by cooling equipment and ensure the quality of circulating cooling water, but also has better cooling effect than the open cooling tower in the process of bar induction heating furnace operation.

No matter what kind of cooling way is adopted, if proper anti-freezing measures are not adopted in winter after the equipment is shut down, especially when the temperature is low, the freezing will occur in the cooling machine and circulating water pipeline. The volume of 10gCM3 + 0.1gCM3 will increase after water freezing, and the volume will cause micro-expansion of soft copper pipes, water pipes, solder joints, etc., slightly more leakage points, reduce the precision of induction hardening coils, which will directly cause part of the load and pipe scrap. Therefore, the anti-freezing measures of circulating water cooling system for the bar induction heating furnace are very necessary. Followi Forever to learn about several commonly used anti-freezing measures:

1. Use electric heating tube (frost resistance index: 85%).
Cool the circulating water in the circulating water tank or pool to a certain temperature above freezing point by using an electric heat pipe. The circulating water may be charged.

2. Wrapped outside the cooling water pipe (frost resistance index: 30%)
Anti freezing materials are wrapped outside the circulating cooling water pipes.

3. Steam heating (frost resistance index: 100%)
Add a heat tracing pipeline between the circulating water inlet and the return pipe. (General Factory does not have this condition).

4. Low altitude evacuation plan (frost resistance index: 95%)
That is to install a drainage valve at the lowest part of the circulating water pipeline to discharge the accumulated water from the pipeline in time for long-term shutdown.

5. Timing cycle (frost resistance index: 85%)
Install a time relay in the water supply pump control unit of the circulating water system to open the cycle regularly. It is not recommended to use in cold areas.

6. Buried pipeline (frost resistance index: 68%)
The circulating water pipe is located in the trench and covered with insulation or buried underground.

7. Pipe heating device (frost resistance index: 100%)
The use of low power induction heating device for long term heating and insulation, the cost is higher.

The seven common anti-freezing measures listed above have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Forever recommends the timing cycle solution relatively. This way is low in cost and needs no manual intervention after setting. Although the anti-freezing index is not high, it is relatively safe, not affected by the length of the pipeline, not easy to damage the pipeline pump, and can be used in most environments.


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