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Induction heating equipment with stable structure and excellent performance!

Hebei Yuantuo Induction heating furnace, also known as metal heat treatment equipment, is Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., on the basis of absorbing advanced technology from abroad, according to the actual needs of users, The metal heat treatment furnace designed and developed adopts mechatronics structure design. Metal heating equipment is widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, machinery manufacturing and other industries, has a wide range of applications.

The remote electro-mechanical induction heating equipment is reasonable and perfect in structure, more advanced in technology, and has good performance in practical use, maintenance and other aspects.

1, large capacity and low energy consumption: the metal heating equipment uses electromagnetic principle heating, equipped with IGBT air-cooled power supply, more energy-saving than other ordinary power supply, under the same output than other electronic tube equipment energy-saving 30%.

2, high processing quality: using electric heating, heating speed is fast, heating time is short, metal steel rod surface is not easy to produce oxide scale, decarbonization, burning loss and deformation and so on.

3, high degree of automation: if furnace can be equipped according to the needs of users, automatic feeding, cutting mechanism, reduce manual handling of workpieces, improve the automatic production capacity of the equipment.

4, durable, reliable operation: the use of frequency converter drive operation, stepless regulation, users can arbitrarily adjust the operation speed, strong controllability, stable operation, reliable, fault-free operation rate is high.

5. Numerical control operation: the steel bar heat treatment furnace adopts the PLC touch screen centralized operation, the complete set of equipment realizes one-button operation, the automation degree in the production process is high, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced, and the labor cost is reduced.


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