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Induction heating equipment overview and factory recommendation!


Induction hardening and tempering equipment,also known as electromagnetic induction heating equipment, etc., it is the heat treatment of all kinds of metal workpiece processing equipment, its equipment style is also a variety of, according to the shape of the customer workpiece, Different materials include steel bar heating equipment, steel tube heating equipment, billet heating equipment, steel plate heating equipment, aluminum heating equipment, copper heating equipment and so on. In the process of selecting and purchasing equipment, users attach great importance to price and manufacturer, this paper introduces this kind of problem in detail.

The price analysis of induction heating equipment is affected by many aspects, the price of medium frequency induction heating equipment is not the only constant, its influence factors are mainly from the following aspects:

1, there is also a close relationship between quality and price, The selling price of equipment of excellent quality is higher, on the other hand, the price will fall, so the user can not take the quality lightly while considering the price.

2. The intermediate frequency heating furnace is a non-standard product, and the manufacturer is based on the size of the user’s workpiece. Customized production such as process requirements and production efficiency, different user requirements, different equipment configurations, and different quotations.

3. Changes in market conditions will also lead to large-scale fluctuations in equipment prices, which is also one of its main influencing factors. Therefore, only after comparing various manufacturers can we buy equipment with higher price for money.

4. In addition, the price and address location are also closely linked, because some manufacturers because of geographical location limitations, its transportation is not too convenient. So users must bear higher transport costs.

It is very important for the manufacturers of induction heating equipment to recommend the purchase of medium frequency heating furnaces. According to the sales volume of the equipment and the position of the industry, it is recommended to select the yuan tuo electric machinery for the following reasons:

1, High reputation: Yuantuo is one of the few excellent manufacturers in the industry, has more than 10 years of equipment experience, so far more strength and ability to develop more high-end equipment for you. Ensure that the equipment creates more economic value for you.

2, service perfection: perfect service can improve the service life of the equipment to a certain extent, Yuantuo electromechanical has an independent service department, so the service of far extension electromechanical is more perfect and more professional. To a certain extent, such a service concept can make users free of any worries.

3, the price is reasonable: the far-reaching machinery has a thorough analysis of the factors affecting the price, and we are responsible to the user during the development of the price sales scheme. So far electro-mechanical induction heating equipment price is more reasonable, and other manufacturers, but also more affordable, more reasonable.

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