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Induction heating equipment manufacturers should have their own characteristics!

As the optimal equipment of  Induction heat treatment equipment at present, induction heating equipment, the first consideration is quality and performance because of its practicability when customers choose and purchase, but with the popularization of automation equipment, the technical difference of tubing heating furnace is getting smaller and smaller, the technical bottleneck is less and less, and the homogenization of products as a whole has become inevitable, and the traditional price is relied on. The method of obtaining market competitive advantage by technology is becoming more and more unsuitable. Enterprises can no longer rely on these two points to win in the market competition. At present, the competitive focus of intermediate frequency heating equipment manufacturers has gradually shifted to the service competition.


When it comes to service, every intermediate frequency heating equipment enterprise will say that we have, ah, pre-sale program design, in-sale training, after-sale installation and commissioning, and regular maintenance? The detailed rules are correct, but few enterprises really do fine and specialized, in the final analysis, the reason is that most hot-rolled steel pipe equipment enterprises in the sales of equipment to customers, the focus of service has also shifted, feel that at this time should focus on those new customers who may have a deal, but do not know that the success of sales is only the beginning of the service, precisely because we have sold the intermediate frequency heating equipment. We should be responsible to customers, responsible for our induction heating equipment, careful and meticulous training of feeder operation, maintenance personnel, careful installation and commissioning equipment, solve the difficult problems in production, establish customer service files, regular return visits, maintenance, these comprehensive and high quality, customer-centered follow-up service can really ensure the follow-up use of customer equipment, ensure the production process, achieve greater production benefits of customers.


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