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Induction heating equipment for heat treatment production, do not know how to choose?

induction heating furnace is a very popular Metal heat treatment equipment on the market, but some friends do not know it, a little know it may know that it is electric heating equipment, specific name does not understand. Well, today, the manufacturer of Yuantio electromechanical induction heating furnace will introduce you to this metal heating equipment.

The heating principle of the induction heating device is that the metal is subjected to heat treatment processing by using the electromagnetic induction principle, the alternating current can be generated inside the workpiece through the induction coil, the eddy current generates heat, the heat is generated from the inside of the workpiece, the heating efficiency is higher than 95 percent, And has higher heating efficiency. The intermediate frequency heating equipment is a high-performance equipment integrated with electro-mechanical gas control. The overall structure is compact and the layout is reasonable. It mainly consists of the intermediate frequency power supply, the storage rack, the conveying system, the induction heating system and the central control system.

So how much is this set of equipment? Because the induction heating equipment belongs to the non-standard custom product, the manufacturer needs to customize the production according to the user’s workpiece size, material, shape and process requirements, output requirements, etc., so the manufacturer of the medium frequency heating furnace can not directly give the accurate quotation here. If you want to know the specific quotation, you can call to consult the Yuantian electromechanical customer hotline and tailor the technical engineer for you to customize the production plan.


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