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Induction Heating Equipment

Induction heating equipment  have important economic value in the field of metal industry, and are widely used in many fields. after heat treatment, they can significantly improve their comprehensive mechanical properties, improve their use value, and be applied in various industries. In the process of processing, induction heating equipment plays an important role, what is its price? The following is a related introduction.


Induction heating equipment

The market prospect of metal heat treatment is broad, and the number of users of investment is increasing. In addition to the selection of factory and related procedures, the purchase of processing equipment is a very important step. The use of metal heating equipment will affect the later processing process.

The Working Principle of Induction Heating Equipment

This metal heat treatment furnace uses intermediate frequency current to heat the metal workpiece, and distributes the alternating current evenly into the metal workpiece in the form of non-contact through the sensor, and the eddy current produces the heat to reach the required temperature of the heat treatment process. The heat is produced directly from the inside of the metal steel rod, the thermal efficiency is up to 95%, the production speed is fast, the time is short, and the production efficiency of the enterprise is improved.

Structural composition of induction heating equipment

This steel rod heat treatment furnace is composed of intermediate frequency power supply, automatic feeding, cutting mechanism, conveying system, induction heating system and central control system, etc. It is designed with mechatronics structure, compact and stable performance, and occupies less area than traditional metal heat treatment furnace 1/3.

Price of induction heating equipment

Induction heating equipment is a non-standard product, by the manufacturer according to the user’s workpiece material, shape, size, process requirements, production efficiency and other information to customize the scheme and quote, so to understand the specific intermediate frequency heating furnace quotation, please call the remote mechanical induction heating equipment manufacturers, technicians for you to answer the service.


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