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Induction heating annealing equipment, Hebei Hengyuan more professional.

Hebei Hengyuan is an old brand induction heating equipment manufacturer, since its establishment has been committed to the development and production of induction heating power supply. For many years, Hebei Hengyuan induction heating equipment has been praised by the industry!

The main characteristics of Steel pipe annealing equipment are IGBT as main equipment, full bridge inverter, high load continuation rate design, continuous operation, fast heating speed and less oxidation decarbonization. The equipment has the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient movement, no ten thousand volts high voltage risk, safe operation, high reliability, simple maintenance, perfect self-maintenance functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, phase shortage, water shortage and so on. Frequency active tracking, power stepless regulation, simple use, easy operation, 10 minutes can be learned to use; low energy consumption, no pollution. It is good to replace the heating methods of oxygen alkyne flame, coke oven, salt bath furnace, gas furnace and oil furnace. Compared with other heating methods, induction heating has higher heating efficiency, lower energy consumption and no pollution.


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