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Induction heat treatment methods for steel pipe, casing pipe and drill rod

Induction heat treatment methods for steel pipe, casing pipe and drill rod

Induction heat treatment methods for steel pipe, casing pipe and drill rod: Put the material on the storage platform, the material is automatically aligned and positioned, send material to the roller table, quenching induction heating and closed-loop temperature control system. Continuous spray with the line make the workpiece quickly and evenly hardened thoroughly, the residual water in the workpiece will be released from the pipe, tempering induction heating, infrared temperature measurement closed-loop control system, clear the workpiece surface oxide skin, cooling bed.

Advantages: using IF induction heating as a induction heat treatment method has no pollution to the environment, safety, less scale, low cost. The heating roller can ensure that the workpiece can be heated evenly. The workpiece don’t need to straightening after heat treatment, which reduce costs. The spray quenching device in the line can make the workpiece quickly and completely hardened completely during the continuous spraying process.The descaling device can make the product surface become bright and turn to its original colors. The drain platform can avoid the water and steam not to be taken to the induction heating coils, then the coils service life will be longer.


The induction heat treatment production line for casing, tubing and drill rod is produced by FOREVER company. The induction heat treatment line is mainly designed for heat treatment of casing, tubing and drill rod and implements the API 5CT-2001 standard. To produce high value-added tubing, casing, improve economic efficiency. the pipe after induction heat treatment will have higher strength, toughness , corrosion resistance and other properties, which can meet international standards.

This induction heat treatment production line has the key technology and innovation are as follows:

(1) The principle of system engineering combined with process requirements to optimize the process so that the entire line have four induction heat treatment functions. At the same time, both primary and secondary, smooth flow, high efficiency and low consumption.

(2) Adopting the outside shower and inside spray technology, equipped with the system software of steel pipe quenching process expert  to ensure the reasonable and reliable process parameters of different grade of seamless steel pipe so as to ensure the quality of heat-treated products.

(3) Fully automatic control, computerized information management, full quality control to improve labor productivity and management level.

(4) Replace oil quenching with water quenching, greatly reducing environmental pollution, save fuel, improve production safety.

(5) Optimize the investment portfolio and equipment selection, and save construction investment of over 100 million RMB compared with the import of equipment across the board.

Our consistent principle : Not only to provide users with superior performance, affordable induction heat treatment equipment, but also more emphasis on providing users with the perfect process programs and timely and thoughtful service, which has become our philosophy.

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According to the following process design: Put the green pipes on the storage platform and transport them to the quenching furnace and then do descaling with high pressure water. The rotation roller will transport the pipes to the spraying system. Then there is water pouring the pipe outside from the above and there is spray device to cooling the pipe inside. After the pipe temperature reaches to the required temperature for micro structure transformation, the pipe will be discharged from the quenching tank for tempering.

FOREVER service commitment for steel pipe heat treatment line:

1.The company has full-time after-sales service team, full-time staff responsible for providing users with high-quality service.

2.Response to user’s email or call within 24 hours.

3.12 month quality warranty period. Long term spare parts service and technical support.

4.For the new equipment which is put into production line, we will visit and check once every year.


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