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Induction hardening spring steel plate

Induction hardening spring steel plate

Forever is spring steel plate induction hardening furnace manufacturer and supplier in China. The offered spring steel plate induction hardening furnace are precisely manufactured by our knowledgeable professionals using latest technology and superior quality materials. We are a prominent name in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of spring steel plate induction hardening furnace  for our reliable clients.

Spring steel plate feature the unique features of being able to withstand considerable twisting or bending forces without any distortion. Products made from these steel alloys can be bent, compressed, extended, or twisted continuously, and they will return to their original shape without suffering any deformation.Then do you know how to make the spring steel plate has this features? With our induction heat treatment equipment , you can easily make it!

Forever hardening induction heating equipment characteristics

  • IGBT frequency conversion technology providing high-efficient conversion
  • Environmental protection, power conservation, convenient operation, low labor intensity
  • Heating fast, heating evenly, non-oxide layer and high-quality products
  • Cables and capacitor are well protected for long time performance
  •  100 percent success rate of start-up, power factor always greater than 95%
  • Suitable for surface hardening,case hardening and through hardening.
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