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Induction hardening / quenching blade

Induction hardening / quenching blade

Forever blade induction hardening/quenching furnace is manufactured as per customers requirements with full automatic system using PLC & digital display. Both blade induction hardening/quenching furnace are available for heat treatment of wide variety of blade used in automobile, hand tools, pharmaceutical & other industries.

Blade induction hardening/quenching furnace charcterics

  • Large workpiece can be heated, high efficiency with stable quality
  • As it is heating while spraying, the overall deformation of the blade is minimal
  • The heating depth is large,then the power the equipment need is large.Our induction heating equipment power rating can be from 100KW to 8000KW.
  • PLC controller can achieve mass production, to ensure hardness, and hardened layer stability.

Blade induction hardening/ quenching system part

  • Automatic feeder-optional
  • Blade induction heater
  • Solid medium frequency induction heating power supply
  • Console

Main product: 

Induction hardening and tempering equipment-Hardening heat treatment furnace

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