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Induction hardening and tempering equipment, Why not try Forever !

Induction hardening and tempering equipment, Why not try Forever !

Medium frequency induction heat treatment is the development trend of medium frequency power supply, but also the important indicators to measure the advanced performance of medium frequency induction heat treatment equipment. At the same time, intelligent power supply is the requirement of improving the degree of automation and power supply reliability. It is very important to shorten the production cycle, improve usability and maintainability.

IF induction heat treatment equipment achieving intelligent should focus on solving the following problems.

1.The choice of intelligent semiconductor module is the base to achieve intelligent. Choosing the intelligent module which is integrated drive control, protection and intelligence can not only reduces the volume, quality, but also improve the efficiency and reliability of inverter under high frequency.

2. The use of digital processing technology is the core to achieve intelligence. The control technology of induction hardening and tempering equipment is reasonable or not is the key to determine the degree of intelligent heating power. Early medium frequency electric furnace power supply control circuit is using analog circuit, which is difficult to achieve intelligent, and analog circuits performance for anti-jamming is poor, resulting in parameter instability and reliability deterioration.

Now using digital signal processor (DSP) has good features of greater information capacity, more powerful processing and more flexibility. The entire control circuit can be completed with a DSP to achieve intelligent intelligent control.

Using DSP as the core of the control chip can make the induction heat treatment equipment power supply to achieve:

1. PWM drive control signal generation;
2. Frequency digital phase locked loop tracking;
3. Power closed-loop control;
4. Protection for over voltage, under voltage, phase loss, over current, overheating ;
5. Fault self-diagnosis and alarm;
6. Parameter display;
7. Remote control, telemetry and man-machine interface and other functions.


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