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How will the bar heat treatment furnace become the new favorite of the heat treatment industry?

How will the bar heat treatment furnace become the new favorite of the heat treatment industry?

Why are more and more small and medium-sized metal induction heat treatment manufacturers slowly began to step into the use of bar heat treatment furnace ? Why will Hebei bar heat treatment furnace become the new favorite of heat treatment industry? At present, China’s environmental pollution has brought a lot of irreversible damage to the earth on which we live. Natural disasters are increasing day by day, affecting our production and life. In order to change this phenomenon, the bar heat treatment furnace arises at the historic moment.

The bar heat treatment furnace adopts electromagnetic dry lotus method to heat the workpiece, without preheating time, contact heating, no flame, carbon dioxide, etc., so it is in line with the needs of the times. This means that the bar heat treatment furnace will be used more and more widely in the industry.

Under the environment protection situation, many enterprises have been stopped or declared bankruptcy because the equipment is not up to standard, but some enterprises using bar heat treatment furnace still keep on the heat treatment of bar materials day by day. The induction heat treatment equipment has realized the functions of convenience, safety, speed and so on.

The development trend of energy saving and environmental protection industry has made the bar heat treatment furnace become the new favorite of the industry. The steel bar heat treatment furnace, square tube surface quenching equipment, grinding rod heat treatment equipment and other metal heat treatment electric furnaces customized designed and manufactured by our company all adopt electromagnetic induction heating. There is no exhaust gas and slag discharge during the whole heat treatment process, which effectively improves the production environment and reduces labor.

Forever factory isspecialized in producing induction heat treatment furnaces for metal, such as spring steel plate quenching and tempering furnaces. Forever has an experienced technical team and many years of production experience, dedicated to the design and production of high-performance bar induction heating furnace. Forever bar induction heating furnace is well-made, cost-effective, in line with national standards, safe and durable, perfect after-sales service, worthy of your trust!

At present, we have finished the following projects:

1.Alloy steel & special steel quenching and tempering line IGBT500KW quenching +KGPS300KW tempering
Ø20-Ø65mm steel bar hardening & tempering

2.Rebar bar hardening and tempering furnace
750KW Hardening+550KW Tempering Ø20-Ø50mm rebar hardening & tempering

3.Steel bar quenching line
IGBT200KW,IGBT160KW,KGPS350KW Ø18-Ø28,Ø10-Ø16,Ø30-Ø70 steel bar quenching line

4.Grinding rod heat treatment line
KGPS450KW ø80-110 steel bar heat treatment line

5.Grinding rod heat treatment line
KGPS600KW ø80-110 steel bar heat treatment line


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