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How To Reduce The Repair Cost For Your Bar Induction Heating Furnace?

How To Reduce The Repair Cost For Your Bar Induction Heating Furnace?

All of the bar induction heating furnace users hope the equipment can crate more value and benefit in their own factory. Of course you don’t want to see that your bar induction heating furnace always has failure.If the bar induction heating furnace has failure,it will take much time and energy to repair them and also it will effect the the productivity greatly and bring much lose.In order to avoid this situation, we should maintenance our equipment well.Our experienced engineers summary a few suggestions of maintenance as per their experience of using bar induction heating furnace.Please see the following steps to reduce the possibility of equipment failure.

1.You should check the furnace liner at regular time to avoid the molten steel from lining out.At the same time,you should keep a record of a furnace life and analysis using period.You can also observe from the meters.Usually,the direct current value is higher than usual and there is abnormal noise.

2.Capacitor breakdown, filter and compensation capacitor is easy to breakdown.The main reason is that the cooling is not good heating, oil leak,  or the quality is not good.You can also use megger to measure according to the voltage value.You can also inspect with the method of tapping,and crisp sound means the cooling oil is less.That means the capacitor will burst sooner or later.You’d better replace the capacitor.

3.Thyristor is possible to break down.Sometimes the power is not large,the circuit will protection or trip if the value reaches to some certain value.

4.There is failure if the furnace and power supply are not cooled well.

5.Cable, cable head broken or unsoldering.

6.The main control board: The setting parameters change will effect the equipment normal running after a long time.

7.Discharge circuit problems may cause that the bar induction heating furnace fail to start.

Even though the above is complex,but they are very practical.Hope these suggestions will be helpful for you.

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Post time: 01-08-2016