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How to produce grinding balls with Forever grinding ball production line?

How to produce grinding balls with Forever grinding ball production line?

As we all know, according to the different production process, the grinding balls is divided into hot rolled steel balls, forging steel balls and casting steel balls. The application field is different, and the grinding balls has different performance. For example, the hot rolled steel balls is specially used for metallurgical mines field, and casting steel ball is suitable for cement, building materials and other dry grinding areas.

Hot-rolled steel balls originates from the former Soviet Union. In 1956, Handan Iron and Steel Mill introduced the first hot-rolled steel ball production line. With the continuous development of hot-rolled steel ball raw materials and continuous improvement of production equipment, hot-rolled steel ball have achieved good results in the international and domestic mines Industry applications.

Then how is the grinding ball production line working? Here we will give you a general introduction.

The process of grinding ball production line is as follows:
1.Raw material round bars inspection;
2.The steel bar will be charged into the induction bar heater.
3.The red hot billet will be charged into the steel ball rolling mill for rolling into balls.
4.The red hot ball after rolling will be sent into the heat treatment system–Quenching or tempering.

Forever company starts from designing and producing induction heating furnace since 2004 establishment. With the times development, we found steel ball hot rolling has become an important application for our induction heating furnace. So two years ago, we are developing grinding ball production line including induction heating furnace, skew rolling mill and steel ball heat treatment system. The grinding ball range we can make is from diameter 20-150mm. At present, we have our own brand in Iran market and will develop the market in our countries. 

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