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How to operate the induction forging equipment to realize the energy saving?

How to operate induction forging equipment to achieve energy saving? IGBT induction heating furnace accords with the general direction of energy saving and environmental protection in the 12th five-year Plan, and is widely used in various heating industries.

In the face of the urgent demand of environmental protection and energy saving of medium frequency induction heating power supply in China, many manufacturers have made a lot of beneficial efforts and attempts. Some manufacturers use system protection transient, surge and high order harmonic suppression products to transform the induction forging equipment system. the practice shows that the harmonic content of induction forging equipment is more than 85% low order harmonics, while the system protection products are mainly oriented to high order harmonics, so the harmonic improvement is slightly negligible, the energy saving effect is difficult to be satisfactory, and what is more serious is that the harmonic energy is much beyond the range of power saving equipment. Long-term use is easy to damage, frequent accidents, affecting the normal production of enterprises. Therefore, in the face of the urgent desire of many end-users, induction forging equipment energy saving has become an old problem in the field of energy efficiency, perplexing many industry enterprises.

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