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How to operate steel billet reheating furnace well?

How to operate steel billet reheating furnace well?


For many steel plant,steel billet reheating furnace is the important equipment for their various steel production.Then what should be care when you use steel billet reheating furnace? And how to operate steel billet reheating furnace well?


1.Adjust heating time as per production cycle time and open the gas pump and automatic pusher switch. The operator should control feeding billet speed as per heating time and can not leak or put more billet. Artificial pushing billet is not allowed only if it is exceptional case. If the billet is over firing, the operator can turn power down or adjust the feeding time to control this case through adjusting the power knob of steel billet reheating furnace.

2.During steel billet reheating furnace working process,the operator should pay attention to the circulating water temperature and the water temperature should not be more than 45℃. If discovery of furnace water pipe shaking,peculiar smell or smoke phenomenon in the furnace, the operator should stop to work immediately, rolling out the billet from the furnace,checking temperature of water pool and volume size of furnace water outlet.

3.The operator should turn off the power adjustment knob of steel billet reheating furnace, IF starting switch, control power supply switch and main switch in proper order after working.Also the operator should push out the remaining billet in the furnace and blow out the steel billet reheating furnace oxide coating and stop water supply within 10 minutes.

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Post time: 03-18-2016