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How to maximize the function of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment?

on the premise of today’s environment-friendly only profit, many people do not care about the economic benefits, and sometimes some negative messages can bring a lot of impact to the industry, and for manufacturers using the save energy induction heating furnace only the production is not energy-saving and environment-friendly, The benefit created under the condition of destroying the ecological environment is not accepted by the person. That is, the idea of production is first to be clear, not only profitable, but not on other aspects.

In some large enterprise, most of that use of induction heating equipment is a high-frequency induction heating device and even an over-frequency equipment, and the power consumption is not to say, but some small enterprises are not allowed to follow up in order to improve the productivity, and the high-frequency equipment is also used. As a result, it is conceivable that most of them are not covered. Our goal is: high efficiency, energy saving, high energy conversion rate and low power consumption. and the power and the time of the heating and heat preservation process can be adjusted, the operation technology of the workers is simplified,

Production and sales are only two links of the operation of the company, in many cases, the development of the whole company needs to be linked to each other, on the one hand, the benefits are not maximized.

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Post time: 06-12-2019