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How to ensure the service life of billet induction heating furnace?(2)

How to ensure the service life of billet induction heating furnace?(2)


Power supply is one of the important parts of the billet induction heating furnace, also other parts should also be paid attention during the operation such as induction heating coils, transportation system etc. 

Induction heating coils of billet induction heating furnace

1. Visual check for inductor & Refractory cement crack status.

2. Check the rail wear status

3. Check the furnace water inlet & outlet pipe and there is water leakage with the hose or not..

4. Check the main pipe connection has water leakage or not.

5. Check the connection copper & cable connector is loose or not.

6. Check the load circuit capacitance,whether there is oil leakage or not.

Transportation system of billet induction heating furnace

1. Check the feeding system is good not not.

2. Check the chain & coupling is good not not.

3. Check bar inspection device is good or not.

4. Check the cylinder, solenoid valve, oil-water separator, tracheal joint has problem or air leak.. Check whether the main  pipeline has left water.

5. Check reducer has oil leakage and noise. Please refer to maintenance manual for maintenance.

6. Check the bolts, bearings & fixing screws is good or not.

7. Check the wiring between inverter and  motor is loose or not.The motor running has any noise or not.

8. Check the drive roller wear status. Any problems about steel billet induction heating system, please send us email. We are ready to help you. Contact-Us-Banner-1024x243-copy-copy Contact person:Tom wang Phone: 0086-13303078975 (whatsapp, wechat) Specialist of induction heating system in China; Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

Post time: 08-01-2017