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How to ensure the service life of billet induction heating furnace?(1)

How to ensure the service life of billet induction heating furnace?(1)


The life of billet induction heating furnace is not only affected by induction heating furnace production efficiency, but also affected by induction furnace hearth and furnace wall. How to increase the life of billet induction heating furnace ? You should pay attention to the following points.

Induction heating power supply of medium frequency heating equipment

1. Cleaning billet induction heating furnace internal and external.

2. Check connection at the end of the device is good or not (the wiring is loose or not).

3. Check cooling system.

4. Check the indicator lamp, meters is good or not.

5. Check SCR control circuit & welding parts.

6. Check the resistance capacitance absorption is good or not.

7. Check the control panel surface to see whether there is damage black phenomenon.

8. Check the electric lines is good or not.

9. Check the detection switch, temperature measuring device is good or not.

10. Check the control board terminals is connected or not.

11. Check the main circuit breaker is good or not.

12. Check the inverter output cable, is good or not.

13. Check the copper bar screw on the power supply cabinet is loose or not.

14. Check whether screw is tighten or not.

15. Check the reactor is loose or not.

16. Check water inlet & outlet pipe is plug or not.

17. Check the hose tightness

18. Check the transformer insulation status and the connection is good or not.


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